Introducing... MARIN

About 17 years ago, I started a small jewelry line called Juniper Designs. The reception to our mix of gemstones and vintage finds was overwhelming and we were featured in several national publications… but life ebbs and flows and Juniper Designs folded in 2008.

With the birth of Age of Sail, launching our in-house brand of jewelry has always taken center stage on my vision board. And now, I'm excited to announce MARIN.

MARIN {mahr-in} noun, french. 1. seafarer, sailor, navigator. 

Celebrating the proverbial voyage on the high seas of your life. Each piece is handcrafted in silk, precious metals, natural gemstones + organic elements. And every amulet created in the MARIN collection features an Aquamarine charm - “The Stone of the Sea” - worn by Sailors for protection for thousands of years.

I am launching MARIN with a collection of one-of-a-kind bracelets... wear one alone, or stack them to make statement - they are unlike any other gemstone bracelet you're likely to come across. They are meant to be collected, honored and worn as protection.

Watch your inbox for our official launch on Wednesday, 10 August.

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