Take V-Day Back - What Do You Want to Manifest?

The TREASURE Collection is a one-on-one service to create your dream collection of amulets, charms and talismans. And what better way to celebrate Valentine’s than with a gift of love to yourself. Take 20% off any of our deposit options until 14 Feb. Use code ILOVEME at checkout.

There are no rules... no restraints. With established relationships with gem cutters, vintage and antique dealers and artisans the world over, we would love to make your dream TREASURE come true. See something in our METAL Collection you want to mix with a piece from our TALISMANS + TOOLS? Let's do it. Need help sourcing a Bespoke charm necklace to include stones, symbols and amulets representing important moments in your life? Let's get started. Have a collection of charms you're not sure how to put together in a cohesive piece? Let Age of Sail guide the way.

While options are endless, we have created four straight forward options to get you started. We also have a selection of one-of-a-kind ready to ship Treasure Talismans to choose from. Tap the photo (or send us a DM) and let’s start making Your Treasure

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