Introducing the newest addition to our best-selling Bespoke Collection... the Star Chart Necklace. This necklace features your Sun, Moon and Rising signs as well as the 8 signs that occupied each planet the moment you were born. Your birth chart (also called your natal chart) can be a powerful tool in understanding your complex inner workings. The ultimate custom personal talisman, the charms for our Star Chart Necklace are sourced from all over the world and hand-selected for your necklace. We are offering the Star Chart in two styles; one on an adjustable 14k gold filled drawn cable chain measuring 14-16" with clustered charms or on an adjustable 14k gold filled drawn cable chain measuring 18-20" with spaced charms.

Within 24 hours of placing your order, we will reach out via email to ask for your birth chart. If you are in need of your chart, you can have one created at this link - you will just need your birth time and location. Please note that we do not place your zodiac charms as noted on your birth chart but instead placement is based on the way they compliment each other and hang on the chain.

We ask that you allow up to 45 days for us to source, create and ship your necklace, though turnaround times are usually much quicker. All custom orders are final sale and not eligible for returns.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our charms are vintage and will show wear from decades of love. Though we try to source vintage and antique charms in the best condition possible, please do not expect your charm to be in like-new condition. We source some of our charms specifically for the beautiful patina and aging they've taken on over the years.