Our newest Bespoke necklace in over a year... we are so excited to introduce, Star Path.

We all have a destiny... and that Path will shift course throughout our existence. We navigate the seas of life with purpose - sometimes we are acutely aware of that Path, and sometimes the universe delivers subtle (and not so subtle) love notes, nudging us into the trajectory of our destiny.

The Star Path celebrates where you are in this moment. Combining your Sun Sign (or you're welcome to choose your Moon or Rising if they resonates more deeply) and what Path calls you.

Each piece is hand carved by French artist Vie Blakey in solid yellow jewelers bronze. Available on a 24" 14k gold fill Figaro chain or an 18" diamond-cut sterling silver ball chain.

Adventure : A reproduction of an ancient Roman coin depicting a chariot race, this piece represents your deep will and determination, your sense of exploration and perhaps most importantly, your fearlessness. Choose this Path if you are at a crossroads and are ready for your proverbial adventure.

Endurance : In Japan and China, the Ginkgo Tree is an incredibly sacred plant. Trees can live up to 1,000 years and are prized for both their beauty and their medicinal qualities. The leaves of the Ginkgo have long been associated with endurance, hope and resilience. In our lifetime, in this moment, we all require such stamina to continue to evolve and create a more beautiful world.

Protection : A Viking Dragon. Dragons have long been associated with strength and protection. Do you need protection from a heavy and unwelcoming energy in your life? Or perhaps you are the protector - a fierce advocate for those you love. Choose the Dragon to aid in your Path.

Renewal : In ancient Egypt, the blue lotus - or Nymphaea Caerulea - was honored as a sacred symbol of rebirth. Every evening the leaves would close about themselves, and sink into the mud of the Nile - only to rise each morning with the sun to bloom once more. As humans, it's imperative that we continue to evolve. We too must wrap protective layers about ourselves, heal and rise again.

Wisdom : Athena, the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom. An Age of Sail favorite and one of the most powerful deities to guide us on our Path of strength and emotional intelligence. Unlike the God of War, Ares, who brought wrath and violence in his wake; Athena reflects the strategic and logistical side of combat. We are in the midst of a war on our bodies and rights - may Athena grant you the patience and foresight to see this fight through.


Each piece is carved by hand and made to order. As such, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 

Choose your Path and add your zodiac sign in the "Notes" section of your shopping cart.


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A United States Navy veteran, Jen was born on the sea. The Age of Sail was founded in 2019 as a nod to her time as a Sailor, her love of the water and her life as a Sea Witch. She spent the better part of a decade sailing and flying the world over and brings her nomadic eye for design to the collections at Age of Sail.

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A portion of EVERY sale goes to organizations who we deeply believe in - and we want to be transparent about who your purchase is helping. You can visit each site by tapping the link:

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Jen always puts the requests of customers first, makes sure we have input when she's buying stones and always wants us to be happy!

- Tiffany O.

Age of Sail is one of the absolute best companies for personalized gifts. Jen has such a gift for understanding how you're envisioning a treasure piece or even custom set gems.

- Lydia D.

You are my favorite treasure hunter! My husband loves the chain I got him!

- Cyn E.

Jen and I have created several necklaces together and I am beyond happy with them! Her Treasure Necklaces are so thoughtful and meaningful. You'll find out quickly that she's a beautiful soul and amazing at creating a special piece for you.

- Melissa D.

Jen is like a bad habit, and I mean that in the best way. She gets the most beautiful pieces in, is so easy to work with, and offers great customization services. After my first purchase, she quickly became a "go-to" for me.

- Katie D.

There is something extremely special about Jen; she has this magical, soothing and energetic presence all at once. It's definitely more than just making jewelry. It has changed the way I feel, see and accept the energies around me.

- Lisa G.