Everyday, women across the world arm themselves for daily battle. It is an act that goes unnoticed by many, including - all too often - the women entering the fray. While we work to free our minds, have more autonomy over our thoughts, be heard and seen - and keep ourselves open to the ever-evolving ideologies that shape our universe, we also work to create a shield of protection. We use mantras, prayer and mediation to guide our thoughts and allow us the perseverance to carry on each day. Every one of us walks out our door cloaked in this armor.

What if we took a moment to create ritual around the physical idea of armor. Of taking a moment as we dress for the day, to breath deeply, and reach for jewelry pieces that make us feel stronger, braver, protected and most importantly, like nothing can penetrate the proverbial shield of our energy. That idea shaped the founding of ARIES RISING.

Aries, being the first sign in the Western zodiac, is the epitome of the fearless warrior. Fire is the hallmark of this sign and the flames will burn all in her wake. Whether Aries is present in your birth chart or not, we can all call in this energy to unite and battle for the strength we need to survive these times. You have an inner fire aching to ignite and be let loose upon the world. It is not to be feared, but embraced.

Throughout the ARIES RISING collection, you will find metals that have been used in jewelry design for thousands of years, and symbols that call forth renewal, strength, authority and courage. It’s time to prepare for battle.

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