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Memento Mori means… Remember, You Must Die. In jewelry, Memento Mori pieces have been used to honor the dead and as a talisman to remember the careful line we all tread between the living and what resides beyond the veil. But death is not always physical. Anytime you evolve as a human being, an archaic ghost of who you were sheds to give birth to a new layer of understanding and enlightenment.
Between 60 and 110 years old these solid sterling fobs were usually gifted to members of sports clubs in England. Some years later, metal smiths collected and reimagined these pieces by adding sterling skulls to the face of the fob. I have been collecting these for some time and they are incredibly rare. May we all continue to die and be reborn into better humans - again and again.


All fobs measure between 1.25" and 1.75" (not including bail). Wear alone or choose one for your Treasure Necklace (see photo for example). In need of one of our signature chains to complete your Talisman? Click here to choose.