Chicorée - Gut Drops


Chicory is used to stimulate digestion and maintain the balance of the intestinal flora. It contains inulin, which acts as a prebiotic on the intestine and bitter principles which activate digestive fluids.


DIGESTIVE STIMULANT - Helps improve digestion, activates digestive fluids.

PREBIOTIC - Nourishes intestinal flora, helps protect against infections and allergies.

DEPURATIVE - Facilitates urinary and digestive elimination functions, promotes renal elimination of water.

Origin: France

Contains: Root Capacity: 50 ml Composition: Chicory* (Cichorium intybus), Water, Alcohol* (19% vol. ) *Ingredients from organic farming

To Use: Take 20 drops morning and evening, diluted in a glass of water, without meals for a 21-day cure. It is recommended to renew the treatment after a week's break.