Eastern Goddess Neroli Toning Mist


Bring your skin to a harmonious balance with this skin soothing, refreshing Neroli Toning Spray. This is the perfect natural face toner for oily skin, acne prone skin and combination skin. The smell of intoxicating orange blossoms provides calming aromatherapy, while the pure neroli hydrosol helps balance the pH in your skin and shrink pores.

Acts as a gentle astringent to balance and tone skin and to naturally promote overall skin improvement. Antibacterial properties help improve acne prone skin. Balances ph and helps moisturizer work more effectively. Provides aromatherapy benefits of happy, calm feelings that reduce stress and anxiety with a fruity-citrusy scent, without being overpowering Safe and gentle for all skin types, but this toner is best suited for oily, acne prone and combination skin. 

Recommended for: Combo, Acne Prone and Oily Skin Types.