Our collection of vintage zodiac medals and charms are sourced from antique and vintage dealers in the US, Mexico, Belgium, Italy and France. Wear alone or add to your favorite charm necklace.

Falling between 21/22 May and 20/21 June, Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. A very social sign, Geminis make affectionate friends and companions. They are flexible, curious and are often the life of the party. Geminis are never a bore.

1 - French Silver. Measures approx. .75" long

2 - French Silver. Measures approx. 1" long

3 - French Silver. Measures approx. .75" long

4 - French Silver. Measures approx. 1.75" long

5 - French Vermeil. Approx. .75" long

6 - French Silver. Approx. 1.25" long

7 - Silver. Measures approx. .25" long

8 - Brass. Measures approx. 2" long

9 - French Vermeil. Approx. 1" long

10 - French Silver. Approx. .75" long

11 - French Silver. Approx. .75" long

12 - French Silver. Approx. 1" long

13 - Bronze. Approx. 1" long

PLEASE NOTE: All of our charms are vintage and will show wear from decades of love. Though we try to source vintage and antique charms in the best condition possible, please do not expect your charm to be in like-new condition. We source some of our charms specifically for the beautiful patina and aging they've taken on over the years.