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Rare and authentic 1970 issue Franklin Mint Zodiac in solid brass measuring approx. 1.5” wide on a thick 32” stainless steel wheat chain. Double-sided, this charm features your zodiac on one side and a sun and full zodiac motif on the other. A true statement piece.

Libras are air signs and the seventh sign of the zodiac. They span the dates 23 September through 22 October. Libras are social creatures and are cooperative, compassionate about justice and make incredibly loyal partners.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our charms are vintage and will show wear from decades of love. Though we try to source vintage and antique charms in the best condition possible, please do not expect your charm to be in like-new condition. We source some of our charms specifically for the beautiful patina and aging they've taken on over the years.

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