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Throughout the ARIES RISING collection, you will find metals that have been used in jewelry design for thousands of years, and timeless symbols that call forth renewal, strength, authority and courage. 

Refer to our Symbol Guide below to mix and match to create your personalized daily armor. The entire collection is meant to layer. It’s time to prepare for battle.

Cast from antique coins and pewter; stainless steel chain measures 31"

All pieces in the ARIES COLLECTION should be removed prior to swimming, showering/bathing and sleeping. Create ritual around the arming and shedding of your jewelry. 

All Seeing Eye - A symbol of divine protection
Anchor - Connection, Love and Stability
Fleur de Lis - Symbol of royal lineage dating back to 7th century BCE.
Knots - Unity and an unbreakable bond. Also used to affirm intentions.
Locks - A symbol of enduring love.
Marianne - Maiden of the French Republic symbolizing liberty and equality.
Mermaids - Wisdom, deep insight and a dash of luck
Pegasus - Symbolizes freedom, independence and adventure
Scarab - Renewal and rebirth.
Serpent  - Creative life-force, rebirth and transformation
Skulls - Protection and gratitude of life
Swords - Authority, strength and courage