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By Vie Blakey

The Queen of the Night. The Phantom Queen… The Morrigan. In Irish Celtic mythology she is both a powerful and venerated figure - and one shrouded in shadow. Believed to a shape-shifter, the Triple Goddess and a War Goddess - she was feared as her presence foretold of death. But as we know so well, death brings new life. She is a deity of regeneration and can be called upon when you are in need of great transformation in your life. The Morrigan is the Goddess to call upon when crafting shadow work  - as a guide through our personal trauma, she can navigate the labyrinth of darkness and help lead you to the illumination within.

Hand carved by French artists Vie Blakey, this medallion is crafted of yellow jeweler’s bronze and is featured on our 24” 14k gold filled drawn cable chain. The medallion measures approx. 1.5”  long.


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