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Vintage 1950’s carved Pisces heart measuring approx. 1.5” wide on an 18” gold-fill reverse rope chain.

Just need the charm? Select "Charm Only" below. Charms come with a brass bail.

Want to swap out the chain for one of our signature chains in our METAL Collection? Just add "Charm Only" to your Cart then visit our METAL Collection to choose your chain.

Empathetic and deeply compassionate, Pisces are born between 20 February and 20 March and are thought to be the wisest of the signs. They are one of three water signs and are usually artistic and intuitive. Exceptionally friendly, but value their alone time.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our charms are vintage and will show wear from decades of love. Though we try to source vintage and antique charms in the best condition possible, please do not expect your charm to be in like-new condition. We source some of our charms specifically for the beautiful patina and aging they've taken on over the years.


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