The Sirens Ritual Oil : Free Your Fears


Our Age of Sirens Ritual Oils are hand-crafted in-house with small-batch, certified Kosher Greek Olive Oil from the West Peloponnese region of Greece. This historical and mythological significant region of Greece is renowned for its fertile soil and produces some of the finest olive oils in the world. Both Sparta and Argos were located within the Peloponnese and it was the birth place of the Olympic games.

The Sirens could bring men to their death with the sweetness of their song. Use this oil when working to build your confidence, to unleash your power and to remember that you have a voice - an incredibly powerful voice.

This Ritual Oil is a blend of Greek Olive Oil, and organic Sea Buckthorn and Jasmine essential oils.

One ounce bottle and dropper.

How to Use:

- Add a dropper full to a ritual bath;

- Rub a few drops on a candle before ritual/spell work;

- Anoint yourself on your pulse points or palms before ritual/spell work;

- Add a dropper full to your natural household cleansers.