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Every element within this box of magic was created by and/or hand-selected by our founder, Jen CK Jacobs. Our Winter Solstice Box features a Demeter Altar Candle, a Talisman celebrating Demeter and her daughter, Persephone, the Elle Qui Oracle Cards and a Spell Jar kit for Transformation work. We have included a brochure explaining the significance of each item and a spell card with instructions regarding how to create your jar and seal it. Our boxes are valued at over $300. Items are NOT available online or in-store apart from our subscription box.
We know her as the Greek Goddess of the Harvest… but her story is so much more than that. As Winter Solstice dawns - and the sun begins to wax once more - so does the 
world with Demeter’s blessing; transforming into a bountiful landscape that reflects the happiness in the heart of the Goddess. Light this candle when you are ready to transform your own energy… from darkness to light.
Featuring a heavily plated brass Moroccan chain, a brass Persephone coin, a pewter Pomegranate charm and a Crystal Quartz charm; this one-of-a-kind, exclusive design is a Talisman of Transformation. Rich with symbols that represent both life and death, regeneration and the key to unlocking our feminine sexuality, may this Talisman bring you hope, transformation and confidence in your journey through womanhood.
Elle Qui ("She Who") Oracle features 44 magnificent female warriors and women of great compassion and wisdom. Elle Qui Oracle will help you discover layers of forgotten selves and new insights. A wonderful tool during this time of transformation.
Your Spell Jar includes a glass jar and cork, a black candle (for transformation and protection) to seal your jar; as well as a custom-blend of Rosemary, Calendula, Orange Peel, Nettle Burdock Root, Marshmallow Root and Rose - all herbs corresponding to growth, love, protection and transformation. We have also included a cinnamon stick to ignite passion into your spell work and Star Anise to strengthen the manifestation. There is also a Labradorite stone - a powerful conductor of change; and a small piece of parchment and string to write your intentions. Instructions are included.

PLEASE NOTE : If you choose an annual subscription for all four boxes, you will save over $100. All annual subscriptions are final sale and may not be canceled or refunded. If you need to make payments on the annual subscription cost, please select ShopPay Installments at checkout.