The most wearable and perhaps luckiest bracelet you could own. Handcrafted with recycled plastic and 22k gold dust. The gold is gathered from Buddhist temples in Thailand every time the statues are touched up with gold leaf; the bracelets are then individually crafted by the monks and blessed to bring the wearer good luck, happiness and love. They never tarnish, never fade, are nearly soundless and can be worn in the shower, the ocean and through TSA without issue. 
In Thailand it is considered lucky to wear an odd number and we have to admit... they look best stacked. Popular in France, we source ours from a boutique in Paris that has been working with Buddhist temples for over ten years. We offer the bangles in three  sizes and while they are slightly mailable, they do not stretch. If slightly bent upon arrival, simply wear in the hot shower/bath and they will relax into their natural shape. The sizes below are the measurements for the opening of the bangle:
S - 5.5 cm (approx. 2.16")
M - 6 cm (approx. 2.36")
L - 6.5 cm (approx. 2.56")