The charms in this collection are hand carved by French artist Vie Blakey, and are crafted in yellow jeweler's bronze. Measurements are from top of bail to bottom of charm.

Nike is the winged goddess of victory. She almost always accompanied the great goddess Athena into battle. She symbolizes strength and speed and is a wonderful deity to call upon when undergoing any endeavor that requires focus and ultimately, victory. Measures approx. 1"

When you are in need of courage, strength and the will power to see even the most difficult tasks to fruition... call on Athena. The great goddess was born fully armored from her father's head and ready to battle... she is a fierce, but tactical warrior and one that can see truths that others often miss. She is also the goddess associated with handcrafts... she is an especially powerfully ally when manifesting your creative destiny. Measures approx. 1.5"

Scarabs are one of the most sacred symbols in Egypt. Representing immortality, and regeneration; as the sun rises everyday to greet the day, so the Scarab rises from the earth to greet the world. A reminder that you are an ever evolving being capable of great transformation. Measures approx. .75"

Horus was an Egyptian sky god. He took the shape of a falcon and is believed that his right eye was the sun representing strength and power, while his left eye was the moon, healing and nurturing. In an epic battle with a fellow god - Horus lost his left eye - when restored by Thoth, it became a powerful talisman against harm and evil. Measures approx. .75"

Once only worn by Pharaohs, cartouches held the bearers name within a frame and it was believed this would protect the Pharaoh in not only this life, but the next as well. This cartouche spells out "Eternal Love" - may it be something we all hold onto in every phase of our existence. Measures approx. 1.5"

No creature is as misunderstood in Greek Mythology as much as sacred Medusa. With her serpent locks and tail she has been described both as a striking beauty and horrific monster. Yet, apart from that narrative, she can be considered a powerful talisman. She is the epitome of regeneration… her gaze could turn men to stone, her blood could return the dead to the land of the living - and steal away their breath once more. A talisman of not only strength, but transformation, wear this medallion when you are feeling a fierce desire to manifest change in your life… when you are ready to shed your proverbial skin and evolve into the sacred being you are meant to be. Measures approx. 1.5"
The Hamsa is a sacred symbol to people throughout the Middle East and North Africa and is one of the few symbols utlizdted by multiple faiths as a talisman. When worn with the fingers facing down, it is believed to bring luck and abundance into your life. The symbology of hands as protective symbols dates back to ancient Carthage and Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) and is especially sacred to Jewish people throughout the world, dating back to the origin story of the Ten Commandments. We offer this beautiful talisman with Sapphire for wisdom and restoration. Measures approx. 1.25"
Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt… a powerful and independent Spirit, Artemis is sacred to those working with nature magic and is the protectress of the young and those in children-birth. he has been historically linked to moon energy and as she lived outside the confines of Mount Olympus, she was an untamable creature who evaded capture from even the swiftest of suitors. A perfect talisman to celebrate your independence and to honor your reconnection with your wild being. Measures approx. 1.25"

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