Obal of Medusa

Obal of Medusa

Obals were coins in ancient Greece, often bearing likeness of Goddesses. They are now found at ancient burial sites as they were commonly used to pay the passage for the deceased to the Underworld. Since that time, the image of Medusa was used as a ward against those who wish to do you harm. She is a mighty creature, beautiful and fierce, and some scholars believed her transformation a gift from Athena to ensure that she would never be violated again. Wear this amulet to call on the depths of your strength and power.

Charm measures approx. 1.5" across - on 22" stainless chain.


About Collection:

I have always been fascinated with ancient coins and talismans. As such, each of these amulets is carved by hand individually to mimic what might be unearthed beneath sacred soil. Any stamping I use in my designs are from my own drawings. While each individual design is relatively the same, please expect small difference in shape and markings as they are individually carved, oxidized and polished. I hope this adds to the feeling that your amulet is yours and yours alone. 

I work in Precious Metal Clay (PMC). This is a clay-like substance made up of very small particles of pure silver and an organic binder. Once sculpted and dried, I torch fire the clay and the binder burns off, leaving behind a design in pure .999 silver. I then hand-oxidize each piece and polish to create the look of ancient artifacts.

All of the stones in the Periapta collection are AAAAA (meaning the highest) quality Cubic Zirconia. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, the heat needed to torch PMC would discolor, and in many cases, crack or shatter nearly all other stones. Secondly, and of equal importance, my personal style has always leaned towards a delicate balance of rough and refined. What better way to execute this look than by burying brilliant stones in the depths of dark amulets. It serves as a reminder that the torch is always lit and guiding us towards the light.


Pure silver is softer that sterling silver. As such, please be careful with your piece and do not attempt to bend or allow it to bang around too much. Sterling contains other metals to enhance its strength. This also means that sterling is prone to natural oxidation. Pure silver is not. I do hand oxidize each piece in this collection, but please note that if you choose to shower, bath, swim, etc. in your amulet, the oxidation will fade. I am happy to re-oxidize your piece at no charge once a year. Any additional oxidation is $15 per piece.


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Jen always puts the requests of customers first, makes sure we have input when she's buying stones and always wants us to be happy!

- Tiffany O.

Age of Sirens is one of the absolute best companies for personalized gifts. Jen has such a gift for understanding how you're envisioning a treasure piece or even custom set gems.

- Lydia D.

You are my favorite treasure hunter! My husband loves the chain I got him!

- Cyn E.

Jen and I have created several necklaces together and I am beyond happy with them! Her Treasure Necklaces are so thoughtful and meaningful. You'll find out quickly that she's a beautiful soul and amazing at creating a special piece for you.

- Melissa D.

Jen is like a bad habit, and I mean that in the best way. She gets the most beautiful pieces in, is so easy to work with, and offers great customization services. After my first purchase, she quickly became a "go-to" for me.

- Katie D.

There is something extremely special about Jen; she has this magical, soothing and energetic presence all at once. It's definitely more than just making jewelry. It has changed the way I feel, see and accept the energies around me.

- Lisa G.