Our Sun + Moon + Rising Necklace is custom made for our customers and features three zodiac charms chosen by our founder.

Your Sun sign represents your truest self. Your Moon sign represents your emotional or inner world and your Rising sign is the personality you tend to show the world. All three signs were present during the time of your birth and play equal importance in how you navigate the world. Not sure of your Moon and Rising? You’ll need the exact time and location of your birth. Click here for a Rising (or Ascendant) calculator and here for a Moon calculator.


Choose your chain and add it to the cart. In the “Notes” section on the "View Cart" page, be sure to note your three signs. If you are a double or triple sign you will still receive three distinct charms - just indicate in notes if you need more of one sign.

Click here to see an example of our ball chain (Prana)

Click here to see an example of our drawn-cable/paper clip chain (Argo)

Click here to see an example of our shimmer chain (Ra)

Click here to see our Boann chain


Prices reflect the chosen chain, and three charms made of brass, vermeil, sterling silver, stainless steel and/or vintage glass. If you’d like us to source gold-fill or solid gold, please email us here.

*IMPORTANT* Most of the charms on our site are available to be used in custom pieces; however, our antique charms from France may incur a $25-$45 surcharge per charm because of their rarity.

Within 24 hours of placing your order, we will reach out to ask if you have any specific requests regarding the look of your charms.

We ask that you allow up to 30 days for us to source, create and ship your necklace, though turnaround times are usually much quicker. All custom orders are final sale and not eligible for returns.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our charms are vintage and will show wear from decades of love. Though we try to source vintage and antique charms in the best condition possible, please do not expect your charm to be in like-new condition. We source some of our charms specifically for the beautiful patina and aging they've taken on over the years.