Let's create something together. There are no rules, there are no restraints. We source elements from all over the world to represent important moments in your life. With established relationships with gem cutters, vintage and antique dealers and artisans the world over, we would love to make your dream Treasure Necklace come true.

Simply select the best fit from the Options below, pay the deposit* and we'll touch base within 24 hours to get started. Once the deposit has been paid, we will send you our Treasure Questionnaire for your input about what you are envisioning for your custom piece. Then our owner begins the hunt. As she sources finds inspired by your responses, she will send you photos of the piece for your approval before securing. Once you agree to the piece, we purchase and invoice you for it and continue the hunt until we've found everything you desire to create your custom Treasure Necklace.

Still have questions? Send us an email.

While options are endless, we are offering four ways to get started (these are just general guidelines and by no means lock you into the stones, metals or charms described.)

OPTION A: Includes selecting a chain from our METAL Collection and we will source 2-5 gold fill, sterling and/or brass charms ($150 deposit with estimated final total of $500-$750).

OPTION B: Includes sourcing vintage 14k gold fill chain and 2-5 gold fill, gemstone and/or sterling silver charms ($250 deposit with estimated final total of $1000-$1250).

OPTION C: Includes sourcing vintage 14k gold chain and 2-3 solid gold and/or gemstone charms ($550 deposit with estimated final total of $2500-$2750).

OPTION D: Includes sourcing vintage 14k or 14k gold fill chain and 7-10 solid gold, sterling and gemstone charms. See the photo of the cluster charm necklace for reference ($750 deposit with estimated final total of $3500-$3750).

*PLEASE NOTE : The deposit is estimated to be approximately 20% of the total cost. While we feel this is a safe estimate, there is no way of knowing the final cost of your custom piece until we begin the process of sourcing and design - and of course, working with your budget. 

TREASURE Necklaces pictured are for illustration purposes only. Pictured components include vintage and artisan charms as well as Age of Sail pieces.